Cumbria is a county located in the north-western region of England, known for its stunning landscapes, history, and culture. The county is home to a wide range of businesses, from small family-run shops and restaurants to large corporations. Cumbria’s businesses are as diverse as its landscape, with a mix of traditional industries and newer enterprises.

Why Cumbria?

One of the key industries in Cumbria is tourism. The county’s stunning natural beauty, rich history, and cultural attractions make it a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. As a result, there are many businesses in the region that cater to the needs of tourists, including hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and cafes. Many of these businesses pride themselves on offering locally sourced food and drink, as well as a warm and friendly welcome.

Cumbria is home to a vibrant and diverse small business community, with a range of enterprises operating across the county. These small businesses contribute to the local economy, provide employment opportunities, and offer unique products and services to residents and visitors alike. Here are a few examples of the types of small businesses you can find in Cumbria:

  1. Independent Shops – Cumbria has a wealth of independent shops, from small boutiques selling clothing, jewellery, and accessories, to specialist stores offering everything from artisanal cheeses to handmade chocolates. Many of these shops are found in the picturesque towns and villages that dot the county, and they offer a unique shopping experience that cannot be found in larger chain stores.
  2. Accommodation Providers – Cumbria is a popular tourist destination, and there are a wide range of small businesses that cater to visitors’ accommodation needs. These include traditional bed and breakfasts, small hotels, self-catering cottages, and glamping sites. Many of these businesses are family-run and offer a personal touch that larger chain hotels cannot match.
  3. Food and Drink Producers – Cumbria has a long history of agriculture, and there are many small businesses that produce food and drink products using locally sourced ingredients. These include breweries, distilleries, bakeries, and dairy farms that make everything from cheese to ice cream. Many of these businesses have won national and international awards for their products and are well worth seeking out.
  4. Creative Industries – Cumbria has a thriving creative scene, with many small businesses offering products and services in fields such as design, art, music, and film. These businesses are often run by passionate individuals who are committed to their craft, and they add a unique and innovative flair to the county’s cultural landscape.
  5. Outdoor Adventure Providers – Cumbria is home to some of the UK’s most stunning natural scenery, and many small businesses have sprung up to offer outdoor adventure activities such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking. These businesses offer a fantastic way to explore the countryside while getting some exercise and fresh air.

In conclusion, Cumbria’s small business community is a vital part of the county’s economy and culture. From independent shops to food producers and adventure providers, these businesses offer a unique and personal experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to Cumbria, be sure to support the small businesses that make this county such a special place.

Cumbria is a region of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, and its property market reflects this unique character. The county offers a range of properties, from traditional cottages and period homes to modern apartments and new builds. Property prices in Cumbria can vary widely depending on location, with some of the most desirable areas being the Lake District and the Cumbrian coast. As a result, the property market in Cumbria is popular with both locals and those seeking a second home or a holiday rental. Whether you are looking for a quaint countryside retreat or a modern city apartment, Cumbria’s diverse property market has something to offer for everyone.

Tourism is a major industry in Cumbria, thanks to its stunning natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and many attractions. The county is perhaps best known for the Lake District National Park, which attracts millions of visitors every year with its picturesque lakes, rolling hills, and challenging hikes. However, there is much more to Cumbria than just the Lake District, with historic towns and cities such as Carlisle, Penrith, and Kendal, as well as the Cumbrian coast and its many seaside resorts. Other popular attractions in Cumbria include castles, museums, and stately homes. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that Cumbria is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

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